Project Superseded

Jun 25, 2011 at 4:33 AM

I thought for a long time to find a way to move this project forward to make it easy to use, cleaner and faster. Unfortunately I could find no way to do that without leaving the whole thing in even more of a mess. I decided to keep this project around as it is in case people find the ActionFilter to be useful for their particular needs. For those who just want a simple ActionResult that looks like the current FileResut types, I created a new project with the same license terms. The new project is much more simple and mirrors what I've seen in MVC. I've done away with the ActionFilter and do all the work at once in the ActionResult. No more objects being passed through controller actions!

This project is deprecated though I will still respond to discussions and even make code changes if they are needed. I'm fairly certain there's nothing this library provides which is actually used and not also provided in the new project.

The new project is up, full source check in, released as a zip and new to this process: hosted on the official NuGet gallery feed.

I hope the new project is even more useful to more people.